Repetitive Overuse Injury

Our clinic specializes in Repetitive Overuse Injury. This category may overlap with Sports Injuries, but we forget that we also have other professions and jobs that may benefit from treatment.

Industrial Athletes: People that work at manufacturing level plain and simple benefit from Active Release Technique. Dr. Anita currently works with corporations at the manufacturing level to treat their employees. In her experience, this technique can halt the repetitive overuse cycle by breaking up adhesions (scar tissue) that has developed over years of doing the same job over and over again. This population will experience a decrease or elimination of pain and more functionality in performing their work.

Office Workers: Yes, even those who work in an office setting are subject to repetitive problems. Whether you are the CEO in a large office or simply sitting in your cubicle, the problems are generally the same. You are sitting for long hours, at a desk, probably with poor posture and ergonomics. This may cause neck and upper back pain, headaches, low back/gluteal pain and carpal tunnel like symptoms. Not only can we fix your problems, but also teach you how to improve your posture and re-organize your work station to avoid a reoccurence.

Musicians: Having a muscial talent is amazing! However, even musicians have aches and pains from using their instruments. Just like the above professions, musicians would greatly benefit from ART sessions and chiropractic care. Allowing a better range of motion and improved dexterity and function to continue to play as they desire.

Moms/Mr. Moms/Dads: As parents, we always seem to put ourselves last on the list of priorities. We hold babies and toddlers to nurse them, change them, give them a bath or just to cuddle. We lift and carry them. We play with them. We drive our kids to daycare, school, sporting events, school functions. We make dinner, do dishes, go over homework. We do laundry, clean the house. We pay bills and try to keep things organized. We are T.I.R.E.D and sore (although we may not realize it on a daily basis). If you fit this category, you for SURE will benefit from our care at 41 North. No more explanation needed!

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