Orthotics and Insoles

Research has shown that a majority of custom orthotics offer no better support than the inexpensive, over-the-counter inserts. We have discovered a few companies that produces a revolutionary orthotic casting and manufacturing protocol. Quite simply, orthotics and insoles are not for everyone, but many will benefit from foot support.

Some people absolutely need orthotics. Their genes or shape of their joints have left them with a foot structure that is not supportive. They usually already know they have foot problems. They may have flat feet, fallen arches, or bunions, or they may have the opposite problem and have high arches or a rigid foot. A structural problem needs to be fixed with a structural solution.

Other people may have relatively normal foot structure, but their activity or load is beyond what the foot is designed to handle. If you think about it, our feet were designed to walk barefoot on uneven surfaces. Today, we wear shoes, sometimes very unsupportive shoes, and walk on hard, flat surfaces. We end up with a mismatch between our foot design and our environment, leading to an overloaded foot. Over time, increased load takes a toll and foot, ankle, knee, or even hip problems result. Moderate to high activity levels speed up the process. For example, someone training for a marathon overloads the foot drastically more than a non-runner, making the marathoner more vulnerable for injury. We can help you determine if you fall into this category and if orthotics would benefit you.

Another group of people are those with a normal foot structure, mild to moderate activity levels, but have other factors contributing to an unhealthy internal environment. Factors such as stress, poor diet, health issues (diabetes, etc.), and obesity decrease their body’s ability to heal. Additional support from orthotics lessens stress on the muscles and ligaments in the foot, preventing further damage.

And of course there is a percentage of people who have a healthy bone structure, healthy muscles, and a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t inflict too much load on the body. They are not candidates for the orthotics. They may benefit, yes, but wouldn’t be harming themselves by not using the orthotics.

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