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Soft tissue injuries usually result from doing something that overloads the body, whether with work, training, daily activities, or habits. The injury can be fixed, but if the problems that led to its formation are not corrected, a recurrence is likely.

Advice throughout the treatment process is necessary to help identify sources of overload. It may be necessary to alter the work environment such as increasing chair height, standing up more often, moving the computer monitor, or switching to a different keyboard. Maybe sleep habits need to be adjusted such as sleeping on the side rather than face down. Training errors are a huge source of injuries, so advice about training strategy, volume, running surface, or equipment fitting may be necessary.

Part of our responsibility as your doctor is to educate you about your injury and about preventing recurrences.

St. Charles Chiropractor | Advice. Dr. Anita Dickerson, DC is a St. Charles Chiropractor.